Relax! It's Microsegmentation Day

No ransoms.
No lateral movement.

The first annual Microsegmentation Day is October 6, 2022. Part of Cyber Security Awareness month (October), this day is celebrated on 10/6, as 10-6 = “micro.”The holiday was created to raise awareness about Microsegmentation as a powerful solution for protecting any organization against ransomware, breaches, attacks, and lateral movement.

What is Microsegmentation?

Microsegmentation is a cybersecurity concept that describes the process of dividing a network into very small regions or microsegments. The goal is to reduce the attack surface of a network by isolating every element—all clients, workloads, applications, virtual machines, and operating systems—into its own protective barrier that cannot be penetrated by attackers. Microsegmentation makes it virtually impossible for attackers to move laterally within the network and cause damage. Even if an attacker breaches one segment of the network, the others remain secure.However, because a network can consist of thousands, or even tens of thousands of elements, it can be extremely difficult to implement this type of segmentation manually. A high level of visibility into your network and insights on what is needed and what is not needed is necessary to accomplish microsegmentation. Doing so involves installing an agent on every machine and then manually defining the network allow-list (who or what can connect to and from each machine). Because of this, microsegmentation has not been a scalable approach – until the rise of newer Microsegmentation solutions, which do not require agents or manual effort.

The benefits of Microsegmentation

In today’s IT environments, over 70% of assets are accessible from any other asset in the internal network (source: Trustmeter survey). Protecting these assets – and the network itself – is critical. But how?Microsegmentation is widely recognized as the most effective defense, and the first step to take, in stopping ransomware attacks. Implemented correctly, microsegmentation presents invaluable benefits for any organization. With microsegmentation, organizations can:

  1. See and learn what each client, server and application are doing by utilizing the power of seeing each individual network connection of all assets

  2. Prevent attacks and stop ransomware from spreading by virtually eliminating their network’s attack surface

  3. Stop lateral movement without interrupting normal network traffic. Isolate everything (down to the individual machine

  4. Streamline security operations; reduce the cost of NACs, internal firewalls, IPS and manual ACL-based microsegmentation

  5. Stay compliant with cyber insurance policies

Microsegmentation in Action

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